In 2019, I studied abroad for a semester at SciencesPo in Reims, France. During that year, I developed a deep appreciation for travel, and the ease of it all was a revelation to college me, who had never left the country before embarking on my 6 month adventure.

It was bittersweet to return to the US, even if I was going back to Austin, one of my favorite cities in the world. I planned to return to Europe in the summer after my graduation, thinking that I would be able to get even more contiguous time for travel than I was able to get during the fast-paced political science school environment I was in while studying at SciencesPo. However, I graduated in 2020, and we all know that nobody went anywhere that summer

I recently decided to leave my job at Amazon, and I’m preparing for a move to NYC to start my next job in September 2023. In the meantime, I have a month where I’m not really supposed to be doing anything. Not one known to sit still, I’m planning to use this time for an around-the-world trip. Starting from Seattle, I will depart for Paris, spend several weeks in Europe, fly to Qatar, and then to Japan for a week. I’m really excited for the trip, and I’m planning to update this blog with some of the things I find in the course of my travels

I’m also planning to use the time as a break from working in tech, but with the current rate of innovation in AI this year, I might decide to pick up a fun project or two anyway. It also means that I can post here more, which I’m excited about as well

More updates to come… ✌️