👋 Austin Atchley is a software engineer based in NYC

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020 with honors, earning degrees in computer science and the Plan II Honors program, which provided a strong liberal arts curriculum to my education. I wrote an undergraduate thesis analyzing the philosophical underpinnings of the development of self-driving car technology, exploring ethical challenges faced by both software developers and all users of technology.

I worked at Amazon as a software engineer for two summers during college, on a range of different projects – from game engine development to authentication web services used as core internal Amazon infrastructure. After college, I continued to work at AWS in the Seattle headquarters for 3 years. During this time, I focused on building critical internal infrastructure services.

I left Amazon in August 2023 to travel around the world and move to New York City. In NYC, I worked remotely for a pharmacy tech startup called NimbleRx.

Recently, I joined Meta to work on their cross-product advertising platform, acting as a systems generalist. On my team, I work alongside ML research scientists, ML engineers, and other software engineers to support the Reservation Campaign feature of Meta’s ad platform.

Please reach out via LinkedIn or email if you’d like to say hi. You can also find a version of my résumé hosted on this website.